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Working in Illustrator's Outline and Preview Modes at the same time

April 29, 2014

If you read our previous post on Illustrator's Outline Mode or have otherwise used it, you'll know how useful it can be. It's even more useful to combine it so that you can view your artwork in both Outline and Preview Modes at the same time.

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Indispensible Illustrator features #1: Outline Mode

April 22, 2014

When you want to make sense of what's in front of you, especially if you've inherited work from someone else, try Illustrator's Outline Mode. 

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Using Pantone colours and Pantone books

April 15, 2014

Professional designers use Pantone books when designing the logo and identity for a company, because these books show thousands of printed colours, so you can see what they’ll look like on paper.

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